Cloud Platform Short Codes

Cloud Platform Short Codes
Emergency Services 999 or 112
Access Extension Voicemail (only accessible from the extension itself) 1571
Access Central voicemail (accessible from any extension within the account) 1572
Call or transfer into the conferencing facility 155, <room>#, <PIN or admin PIN>#, <state name>#
Call a group of phones (as defined in the portal under call groups) *<group number>
Intercept/Pickup group call *0#<pickup group ID>
Intercept/Pickup extension call **<seat/extension number>
Call another extension (internal only) <seat/extension number>
Speaking clock (on-platform) 123
Record a custom prompt (e.g. IVR greeting, Queue greeting) 151
Call Monitoring, listen into another seat (passwords defined in the portal) 154, <seat number>,<password>
Page extension (one-way audio) *2#<seat/extension number>
Page group (one-way audio) *3#<call group>
Intercom (two-way audio) *4#<seat/extension number>
Dial Welcome Message (used for diagnostics) 1234
Dial Echo Test (used for diagnostics) 160
Last Call Identified (DDI calls and Group calls only) 1471
Withhold number prefix (per call) 141<telephone number>
Access Voicemail Externally (mailbox & password required from the portal) 0843 557 4 557
Access Conferencing Service Externally 0843 557 5 575
Time Profile Night Mode *1#<time profile number>
Call Parking (park a call) 1900 <parking reference read back>
(retrieve a parked call) <dial parking reference>
Call Recording #1 (mute call recording)
#2 (unmute call recording)
Extension Call Intercept/Pickup **<seat number>
Dynamic Call Queue agent login (extensions jumping in/out of queues) (Login) 120*<queue number>
(Logout) 121*<queue number>
Voicemail greeting recording Enter the required mailbox via:
1571 (personal mailbox),
1572 (central mailbox),
Voicemail remote access (see above)
0 for mailbox options
1 – record unavailable greeting (rings out)
2 – record busy greeting (only works if handset sends a busy signal back to platform, disable call waiting)
3 – record name
4 – record temporary greeting
Conference Room Short Codes (pressing * takes you to the menu) *1 (mute and unmute)
*2 (Lock and unlock – admin only)
*3 (Kick the last joined user – admin only)
*4 and *6 (Conference room volume up/down)
*7 and *9 (users volume up/down)
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